Kevin Lint

Musician, Artist
& Web Developer

Lint Trap Records
I've released two albums and written and produced a handful of others. I post anything and everything about my music here
Evergreen Portraiture
I paint, draw, illustrate, etc. I've started doing portraiture. The link above points to my Etsy shop. You can also see other artwork I've done here.
This a mobile-web based songwriting tool I wrote. It features complimentary chord progression charts, chord voicings, musical scales and lyric writing tools
This is a simple static site generator I developed using common front end workflow tools such as gulp & swig.
The Bible
To demonstrate the power of Statical I used it to publish the entire bible. I of course used an open source translation (World English).
This is an Android based songwriting tool I wrote to learn the Android platform. If features chord progressions and a lyric library that works offline